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Identifying areas of need within your employee onboarding, customer service flow or sales team training isn't always easy. Educated Consulting works with companies and organizations on developing a data driven approach to identifying areas of need and designing learning experiences in order to address those needs and ensure that all members of the community have the knowledge and skills needed to be the best they can be.

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The first step in the Educated Consulting experience is to identify areas of need within your organization. Educated Consulting will work with you to clearly articulate what you want your colleagues to know and be able to do.



The value of Educated Consulting lies in our expertise in regard to designing learning experiences that work. Our expertise is guided by the latest research supported best practice emphasizing pedagogical approaches from the fields of education, neuroscience and business.



The most important step in the Educated Consulting experience is the learning experience. Learning should be meaningful, collaborative and engaging -- all elements that Matt and Educated Consulting will ensure your colleagues enjoy.

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